What Might You Make?

 We help turn your vision into reality. 

We offer custom laser-cutting services & more, in Chicago & beyond.


We create high quality items for creatives.

We know you put all of yourself into what you do.
We want to help.


  • Woods
  • Papers
  • Acrylics
  • Mirrored Acrylics
  • Up to a whopping 3’ x 4’

We ship internationally & offer pickup in Chicago.


We like to make awesome stuff. 

With fun people, & have a blast doing it.


We offer thoughtful service with high end final results. We are artists & designers ourselves. We know what it’s like to put all of ourselves into the work. We promise to do the same for you, and hope you’ll trust us with your personal ideas. 

We are on the far north side of Chicago, and operate out of the studio of Hey It's Matthew & You Are Beautiful. These projects have been active since 2002, and over that time, we worked with countless vendors & services on our own projects. 

We’ve honed our personal craft & sourcing abilities, and are able to offer what what we’ve learned as a service to you.


We take on jobs that interest us, and are thoughtful in what we do. We have an extensive background in R&D, and if we can’t cut or print your item in house, we can likely find the quickest & most reliable offering, and bundle it together for you in one place.

We can also hand create, paint, and assemble complex ideas. Please note, hand work is a premium service.

If you are looking for cheap widgets, banged out in mass, there are plenty of other very capable laser cutting services out there we’d recommend you try.




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From Large Companies to Independent Artists.


Every single job is unique.

Just like you.


The complexity of the design, materials, and quantity dictate pricing. Please provide as much detailed information as possible. We'll send you a rough quote at no charge, and take it from there.

  • Predesigned files should be set up as Vector graphics in a PDF at 100% scale, .001 Stroke width.
  • Starting with a sketch? We can build proper files for you, for an additional design fee.

Fill out the form to the right with as much detail as possible, and we'll reach out with a quote (or clarifying questions) within a week. Thanks!

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We have a $100 minimum.